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Cover: One-on-One Combat in the Arena

One-on-One Combat in the Arena

Marc de la Béraudière's 1608 opus on justice, manners and polite society, One-on-One Combat in the Arena provides the fencer and the historian something more than simple advice literature. Positioned as a 'mirror for princes,' the text defies easy classification, seamlessly blending governance principles with courtly etiquette. Béraudière offers precise instructions for princely rule -- spanning duelling, justice, peacekeeping, and noble conduct -- the text concurrently serves as a guide for courtiers, defining proper decorum in the presence of royalty and peers. He explores concepts of honour, duty, justice, and mercy, providing a comprehensive framework for appropriate behaviour in civil and courtly society.

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One-on-One Combat in the Arena

Paperback AU $32.99
eBook AU $10.99

A guide to why, when and how to lay down the challenge, and the etiquette and justice of duelling in the seventeenth century for the French nobility.

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Archives of the Masters of Arms of Paris

Paperback AU $28.99
eBook AU $10.99

The Archives of the Masters of Arms of Paris collects documents and anecdotes related to the guild which regulated fencing in the capital from 1567-1792.

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Fencing Through the Ages

Paperback AU $24.99
eBook AU $10.99

Two of Corthey's influential books, a history of fencing and improvements to the dueling sword combined in one volume.

Fencing Manual 1877

Paperback AU $25.80

The Fencing Manual was the basis of compulsory training for the infantry and cavalry of the French Army in 1877 until its replacement in 1908.

La Canne Royale

Paperback AU $27.99
eBook AU $10.99

La Canne was taught in military academies and in public schools. This volume presents two mid-century methods for learning the canne.

The Art of Fencing

Paperback AU $23.99
eBook AU $10.99

Jean de Brye's manual for fencing coaches showing how to break down the discipline into four broad stages of development.

Secrets of the Sword Alone

Paperback AU $27.99
eBook AU $10.99

Henry de Sainct Didier's fencing treatise for transitional rapier first published 1573, the first French fencing manual.

Manual of Contre-Point Fencing

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Joseph Tinguely wrote his Manual of Contre Pointe Fencing when the sabre, a thug's weapon, was being introduced into the academic discipline of fencing. Foreword by Julien Garry of De Taille et d’Estoc.

André des Bordes: History of Sorcerers in the Lorraine

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Episode from the History of SorcerorsAndré des Bordes, French fencing master under the dukes of Lorraine, and his trial on charges of witchcraft.

The Phantom Cavalier who Fought a Duel

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Found in a famous collection of 19th century folklore, The Phantom Cavalier who Fought a Duel is one of the more bizarre examples of 17th century tracts against dueling.

Fencing Through the Ages -- The Cycle of the Sword

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The script of George Eekhoud's public performance in Brussel, 1894, at which Alfred Hutton and the London Rifle Brigade was invited to perform.

Le Combat de Seul à Seul en Camp Clos

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A transcription Marc de la Beraudiere's Le Combat de Seul à Seul en Camp Clos 1608 which lists who can and cannot undertake a duel and the rules by which they must abide. (French)

L'Escrime, Appliquée à l'Art Militaire

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One of the few surviving texts about fencing from during the time of the Napoleon, L'Escrime, Appliquée à l'Art Militaire is a unique snapshot of the history of fencing in France. (French)

Fencing Applied to the Military Art

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The text describes basic fencing before showing how it should be applied to training platoons and companies of soldiers. Very few sources show the military use of fencing skills.

Science of Arms: Sabre Exercises

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The Science of Arms in the Cavalry: Sabre Exercises is one of a number of pamphlets on cavalry life written by ex-army fencing master Romuald Brunet.

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